10 Front Yard Plants For Outdoor Gardening

Plants for front of house ideas

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right outdoor plants for the front yard because of the landscape and space. If you don’t have a green thumb, but you still want to make your front of the house look amazing and beautiful; here are the ten outdoor plants that will turn any front yard into a veritable oasis for your enjoyment.

Front Yard Plants For Outdoor Gardening:

1. PeoniesTop 10 Front Yard Plants For Outdoor Gardening

Peonies are a trendy front yard plant choice among gardeners and for an excellent reason. They are attractive, fragrant, and low maintenance in full sunlight. There are three types of peonies: herbaceous (bush), tree, and Itoh (intersectional) peonies.

This outdoor plant is outrageously beautiful in bloom from spring to summer—with green foliage the whole summer.

2. MarigoldsFront Yard Plants That Will Make Your House Looks Amazing

No outdoor plant is more cheerful or easier to grow than marigolds. These flowers are bringing a wealth of gold, copper, and brass into our summer and front yard garden.

Marigold flower popularity probably derives in part from its ability to bloom all summer brightly long. The marigold is not only bright, beautiful, and hardy, it also is a natural mosquito repellent.

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3. AlyssumPlants for front yard gardening

Alyssum is extremely hardy, being resistant to drought and summer heat. This beautiful outdoor plants will need very little maintenance and will continue to thrive year after year. This front yard plant blooms all summer in colors of white, lavender, or pink. This plant is also known for its sweet smell.

4. HydrangeasTop 10 Plants for front yard gardening

Hydrangeas are great for a range of garden sites from group plantings to shrub borders to containers. These partial sun-loving front yard plants come in a rainbow of colors and are easy to grow. This plant can easily be grown from cuttings.

Some varieties are more sensitive to summer heat, like the Mophead, so it’s important to give them some time in the shade daily.

5. Japanese Forest GrassJapanese Forest Grass

Japanese forest grass can be an excellent choice for your house front gardening. This shade-loving ornamental grass is popular among gardeners because it is a sturdy, low maintenance landscaping plants to any shaded garden.

This grass is an attractive, graceful plant that grows slowly and is not invasive. The leaves will continue to grow all season, ranging from one to three feet (.3 to .9 meters) in height.

6. Geraniumplanting geraniums

This is a very common front yard plant that will reward a gardener with months of beautiful blooms all season long. They are sturdy and low maintenance landscaping plants in full sunlight.

These front yard plants need to be grown in well-draining potting soil as well. When growing geraniums outside, they require humid, well-draining soil similar to that of indoor potting soil with equal amounts of soil, peat, and perlite.

7. AngeloniaPlants for front of house ideas

Angelonia is extremely hardy outdoor plants, that thriving through drought and heat. These beauties can continue to bloom into the fall in warmer climates. Planted in full sun, they will begin to bloom in the summer.

8. CelosiaRed Celosia argentea plant

Another sun-loving summer bloomer, celosia comes in many attractive colors and is extremely easy to care for. The beautiful Celosia plant from the Amaranthaceae family goes by the common names of wool flowers, cockscombs, and “Flamingo Feather”.

What makes Celosia such a unique plant for the front yard gardening? The makeup of each blossom consists of numerous tiny flowers.

9. RanunculusRanunculus plant

These spring bloomers are as fragrant as they are beautiful and hardy. They prefer full sun, and, coming in a huge variety of colors, they will make a great addition to any front yard garden.

You can grow ranunculus in cold climates. Instead of planting in the fall, you’ll plant in the spring. Because it takes 2-3 months from planting until flowering.

10. Snapdragons10 Plants for front of house ideas

The colorful and tall snapdragon is a gorgeous accent to a front yard garden. This outdoor plant blooms in the summer and prefers to be in full sun. They are very hardy and easy to maintain.

There are many more than just ten plants that will turn any front yard into a veritable oasis, but this list is an excellent guide to popular and low maintenance plants that will thrive all season long.

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