15 Amazing Places to Visit in Bangladesh

15 Amazing Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the greenest jewel of South Asia. This country is braided with rich culture, rivers, lush green landscapes, and amazing places. This country has many beautiful places but yet it is one of the least tourist destinations in the world. Perhaps it is the best time for you to visit as you will find a lesser crowd now.

This land of rivers is immensely beautiful that it is hard to make a list of amazing places. But here is a list of fifteen amazing places to visit in Bangladesh that will help you in exploring this land of beauty.

Amazing places to visit in Bangladesh:

1. The Sundarbans15 Amazing Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Sundarbans in Bangladesh is the place where you will find beauty co-exists with greenery. If you want to spend some time with nature, then this is the perfect destination to reach out while you first land. Moreover, it is the largest mangrove forest in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site (1).

It is located between Bangladesh and India but the majority of the forest is in Bangladesh. Sundarbans is the home of many wildlife and even the shelter of the last remaining Bengal tigers. This forest of Bangladesh has the most tranquil ambiance and according to the travelers exploring Sundarbans is once in a lifetime experience.

2. SrimangalSrimangal

Srimangal is located in the northeastern region of Bangladesh. This place is well known for the tea gardens and due to this reason, it is known as the tea capital of the country. Bangladesh is flooded with people but this isn’t the case with Srimangal.

Here you can spend a good amount of time with yourself and nature. Moreover, you can wander around the trails of the tea plantation either by walking or even cycling.

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3. PaharpurPaharpur

The northwestern region of Bangladesh is a tiny place named Paharpur. It is a historic place in Bangladesh. This little place has an impressive archeological site called the Somapuri Mahabhihara.

During the 8th century, Somapuri Mahabhihara was the second largest Buddhist monastery. However, it was at that period of time when monks from all around the world came here to seek higher education. If you are a history buff then you should visit this place in Bangladesh.

4. GaurGaur

Another famous historical place in Bangladesh is Gaur. It is an ancient ruin city that dates backs to the Medieval Period. This famous city is located between the Bangladesh India border and it was once the capital of the whole Bengal region. During the 12th to 14th century, Gaur was a wealthy city but later it lost all its charm due to cholera.

If you now visit Gaur, you will still find some of the magnificent mosques hidden in the mango orchard. The archeological department of Bangladesh has done a great job of restoring some of these mosques. It is a must-visit place for any traveler who has visited Bangladesh to explore historical sites.

5. BarisalBarisal

You might have heard about Venice which is the floating city of Italy. But there is a similar city in Bangladesh too. Barisal is the floating city of Bangladesh. This city is located in the heart of the Ganges Delta. The most interesting parts about Barisal are the floating markets, schools, and their unique culture.

Moreover, the best time to visit Barisal is during the monsoon season because during this time many rivers and canals are full of water and nature becomes flourishing and green. Do not forget to visit the guava market in Barisal as it is very photogenic.

6. BagerhatBagerhat

Bagerhat was formerly known as Kalifatabad and this city was founded in the 15th century by a Turkish general. This famous tourist place is filled with numerous mosques and amid all of them, the 60 Dome mosque attracts a huge number of visitors.

Forbes has listed Bagerhat as one of the lost cities in the world. On the other hand, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city has more than 50 Islamic monuments that were hidden for years due to the dense vegetation. But you won’t find it hard to spot the monuments because the vegetation has been removed for the tourists to explore the whole place.

7. SonargaonSonargaon

Sonargaon once the old capital city of Bengal is now an interesting place to visit in Bangladesh. It was a wealthy and rich city during the Medieval period. The main attraction of Sonargaon is Panam Nagar which is an abandoned merchant city.

It was built during the colonial period where wealthy Hindu merchants used to reside. However, they fled during the partition in 1947. Perhaps they had the intention to return to their land someday but that did not happen. Moreover, this abandoned city still waits for its owners.

8. Cox’s BazaarCox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh

Cox’s bazaar is the longest sandy beach in Bangladesh. It is the most popular tourist destination amid the locals. It is the best place in Bangladesh where you can relax and spend some relishing time at the beach.

Cox’s bazaar is mostly crowded and if you want to avoid crowds then you can stay in a resort that has its private beach. One of the most interesting tourist spots in Cox’s Bazaar is the Wholesale Fish Market. Do not forget to visit this place while you are in Cox’s Bazaar.

9. PuthiaPuthia

It is a small village in Rajshahi that has a large number of historical Hindu temples in Bangladesh. The temples in this village are unique in design. Moreover, some are even beautifully ornamented with terracotta plaster which describes many epic Hindu stories.

Some of the temples in Puthia are very well maintained and many tourists from the South Asian countries reach out to this place every year.

10. SylhetSylhet

Sylhet is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. It is located in the North-Eastern part of the country. This place is close to the Meghalaya state of India.

While you head to Sylhet, you will find many other exotic places like the green water canal Lalakhal, Ratargul Swamp Forest, Jaflong, and the famous tea gardens. Apart from the beautiful tourist attraction, you will even come across different tribal people as well.

11. St. Martin’s IslandSt. Martin’s Island

St. Martin’s is the best place to visit in Bangladesh for the beach lovers. It is a beautiful coral island of the Bay of Bengal. The local people usually visit it for day trips and they leave by afternoon.

This place is not as crowded as cox’s bazaar but if you want to enjoy your own company then you can stay in a resort that has a private beach. It is the best place to relax after a week of exhausting traveling around the country.

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12. RangamatiRangamati

Rangamati is a beautiful district of the Chittagong hill tract area. This place is well known among the tourist for the Kaptai Lake. It is a man-made lake that encompasses beautiful hills. The best activity to do in Kaptai Lake is to enjoy boat riding for the whole day. Also, you can find some beautiful waterfalls in the area.

Rangamati is even the home to many tribal groups. You can find wonderful handcrafts market along with fine quality handmade fabrics. Moreover, there is even a Buddhist monastery in Rangamati called Rajban Bihara which is even worth visiting as well.

13. KuakataKuakata

Kaukata is also known as the daughter of sea or Sagar Kannya is a popular tourist attraction in Bangladesh. This sea beach is located in the Patuakhali district.

It is a beautiful place where you can witness both sunset and sunrise with the subtle calmness and tranquility. This sea beach is the perfect combination of natural beauty and sandy shores.

14. Sajek ValleySajek Valley

Sajek valley is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bangladesh. It is located in the Rangamati district among the hills of the Kasalong range. It is even known as the queen of hills and roof of Rangamati as the place is 1800 feet above the sea level.

The Sajek Valley is just 8 km away from the Indian state Mizoram. This place is a great escape from the chaotic city life and a great destination to play with the clouds.

15. National Botanical GardenNational Botanical Garden

Situated in Mirpur is the national botanical garden which is the largest plant conservation center in Bangladesh. This garden was established in the year 1961 on an 84 hectors land.

This place is very popular among nature lovers and botanists. This garden is divided into 57 sections and it has a collection of over 100 species of foreign and local plants. It is a must-visit place for every nature lover.

Bangladesh is truly a wonder that holds beauty and mysteries at the same time. This place is an amazing getaway if you are in search of a place that will offer you the richness of culture.

However, if you are planning to visit Bangladesh, then check out these fifteen-amazing places. Bangladesh will surely will your vacation with wonderful experiences and mind-blowing memories that you can never forget. Happy Traveling!!

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