16 Romantic Things to Do for Wife

Romantic Things to Do for Wife

Having a romantic gesture for your loved one is one of the best ways to keep the love flame alive. Whether you are celebrating a personal day, if you need to make some amends, or if you want to be a good husband or wife, these romantic things will give you some extra points.

But, being original gets harder after a while so, keep reading and learn more about these sixteen simple romantic things to do for your wife. We promise you if you work on these romantic things; you will build a solid relationship with your wife. Now, keep reading for the advice.

Romantic Things to Do for Wife:

1. Hide little notes in unexpected places

This one is a small but significant thing to try. Write a little note saying something pleasant, such as how much you love her or how wonderful she is. Mention a special memory that you share or draw a heart.

Once you have decided what you want to say in the note, place it in an unexpected place like her purse, her job plan, in the fridge next to her favorite fruit or the cookie jar. Somewhere that will remind her how much you care in an unexpected moment.

2. Prepare a movie night with her favorite films

This is a very simple but very romantic thing you can do for your wife. Surprise her with a charming movie night. Not just a random movie on the couch.

Set a unique environment. Choose her favorites. Surely she has mentioned her favorite trilogy before, maybe some preferred actress or actor, or even a director.

Then set the room for the night. Get the couch or the bed settled with some comfortable pillows and blankets. Cook some chips, homemade popcorns is always a nice touch.

Here you have a recipe (making the perfect popcorn is not as easy as it seems). At last, add a dessert, like her favorite ice-cream or some wine.

3. Create a love playlist in her favorite app

Yes, all those music apps can create a random playlist with her favorite artist in two seconds. But trust me; none of them knows her as you do. Besides, this is one of the most convenient things you can easily do for your wife; you only need to know her songs!

Let her know by creating a playlist with her favorite songs and artists. Maybe you can create a specific one, where you add all those songs that you share and enjoy together. To make it even more special, add a secret message using the first letter of each song’s name. Bring the classic music tape back to our era.

4. Encourage projects and hobbies

We all have those projects that get left behind just because or because we lack either motivation or time. Motivate those activities.

Does she have a green plot that keeps failing or needs maintenance? Buy her some fertilizer, some new seeds, a good pair of garden scissors, etc. Does she play a sport? Get her a new pair of shoes for them. Does she sing? Set a little place for her to practice, etc.

Helping her to stay motivated is a nice gesture and shows her how much you support her.

5. Surprise with massage

The classic massage never fails, but don’t buy her a massage in a spa or anything like that. Look for some tutorials online and learn how to give a good one. You can look for different techniques.

If she suffers pain in her legs after a long day of activities, you can learn about leg massages. Maybe something that will help her to relax or perhaps something special to spice things up.

And don’t forget the essential oils. You can find the specific one for the massage you are preparing and get the whole package ready.

6. A bath is another delightful surprise

Prepare a bubble bath for her. This one is another romantic thing you could easily do for your wife. You can try with a bath bomb and some aromatizers. Add a few petals to the bathtub.

Add some after shower products like some hydrating lotions or body splash.

Another detail can be adding a few candles to set the relaxing mood and some specials soaps to treat her skin and make her feel loved.

7. Make a romantic dinner at home

Another classic, but remember, keep it unique. There is no need to have a fancy reservation at a restaurant with a salmon dish.

Maybe your wife is a big fan of pasta or burgers. You can find a good recipe online and get creative. And the good thing about this particular detail is that it doesn’t matter if you are a lousy cooker, cause she will fall just for the idea.

You can make it even more romantic if you include some candles and wine. Or maybe you can set a picnic in your living room.

8. A handmade gift card shows you care

With a little help from places like Pinterest, you can make a romantic and personalized card with your own hands. All you need to do is to get yourself some craft supplies and get in touch with your artistic side.

If you are not the most creative person, here you can find some options. But remember, don’t worry about your artistic capacities (or lack of it) all these actions are coming from your heart, so it doesn’t matter how they look, she will love them anyway.

9. Surprise delivery to her workplace

Nowadays, we can find convenient delivery services for almost anything. Sometimes you are both busy at work, and there is no time available to go around looking for a gift or even to spend some quality time together.

But luckily, you can get a delivery app that will get what you need, from a bar of chocolate to an entire lunch or any other thing that you think she might like. Be creative! Deliver it to her job, she will be surprised and will get the chance to brag about it with her coworkers.

10. Some love coupons can solve your problems

Print a few pages with unique features and then handle it to her so she can pick any of those activities to trade with you.

For example, if you are having a hard time choosing where to have dinner that night, she can pick her coupons and trade one of them that says: “I choose the restaurant today.”.

You could additionally create different topics for those coupons. You may have some sexy coupons, some problem-solving coupons, some specific activities coupons, etc.

Get creative and make it as personal as you can! This is not just something you could easily do for your wife, it will help you to solve many situations too!

But if you are having a difficult time getting some good ideas, here you can check all types of options.

11. Show your love with some photographs

Here you have a lot of options. You can buy a frame and put some of your favorites photos together on it, or you can make a frame (you can look online for a handmade frame).

You can also find alternatives ways to display your pictures, like getting it printed in a polaroid format or making a video. You can utilize as many photographs as you like and, if you don’t feel satisfied framing your pictures, you can brag about how beautiful your wife is on social networks.

Don’t forget to add a romantic description and mention everything you love about her.

12. Waiting outside her workplace can be romantic

This one can sound creepy, especially if you do it every day without her consent. But if you do it once in a while or for a specific date, it is something very romantic to do.

Explode the unexpected factor, wait for her with a plan, and maybe candy or some roses. Make a reservation in a romantic restaurant or take her for a walk under the moonlight.

Bring with you anything she might need for your plan; remember she is not aware of the following activities. For example, if you are taking her for a walk, bring her a sweater or some comfortable shoes.

13. Place a balloon in the bed with a gift

This one takes a classic to the next level. Get a balloon big enough to support your present, and place it over your shared bed. You can choose a heart-shaped balloon or a regular one. You can also choose a pack of balloons to carry your gift.

Once you have your balloons ready, tide something distinctive to them. It can be a flower bouquet, some chocolates, or something more personal.

For example, if you are celebrating her birthday and you get her a gift, you can attach it to the balloon and place it over the bed. This is a romantic move to convert a regular present toward something unique.

14. The balloon surprise, upgraded

Another thing you could easily do for your wife with a balloon is to get a lot of balloons and fill them with little notes and romantic phrases, and then fill your bedroom with it.

To make it more personal, you can insert in each balloon something that you like about her, some quotes from those books, movies, or tv show that you both enjoy, or even little chocolates.

15. Bed of roses for her morning

Roses petals in bed, after a romantic evening, are classics.
But it is not very well known that petals are excellent aromatizers and can quickly wake someone with their perfume.

Something cute to do is to get up a little earlier and spread those petals over her and all over the room while she is still asleep. She will wake up in the best possible mood.

16. Have a chest of memories

Something that will show your compromise is a chest of memories. If you are one of those persons who keep little details as memories, like the ticket of the first movie you went to see together or the pack of the first candy she gives to you, then this is the perfect thing to do.

First, you need to get a pleasant chest or box and then, you can fill it with all those little things that you kept along the time you spend together.

Maybe, some things won’t ring any bells for her, so something extra to add to your chest, is a note remembering her the reason why you kept each of those little things.

Bonus – The classics:

Of course, we can’t forget about the classics like:

  • Bringing flowers and chocolates home. Not only a big bouquet, but it can also be a little flower you find on your way.
  • Having a romantic dinner in a charming location, taking a walk under the moonlight.
  • Writing a love letter.
  • Having breakfast in bed.
  • Going back to those unique places where your love grows
  • Making a little and unexpected trip
  • Writing a song or a poem, even if you are not a poet.
  • Getting her a customized cup with her name or the name you use to call her.

All these romantic things you could easily do for your wife, have some things in common. As they say, love is in the details, so your romantic gestures will be more extraordinary if you make them more personal, and to achieve that, you have to listen to her carefully.

Knowing your wife will help you. It makes a big difference if you make a playlist with her favorite artist other than making a playlist with some random romantic songs. So listen to her, learn what she likes, what she needs, and what she enjoys, and then you will be ready to make the perfect romantic gesture.

Always take advantage of the opportunities:

  • Find the perfect moment to surprise her.
  • Leave a note in the mirror while she is taking a bath.
  • Meet her with her favorite candy bar.
  • Let her know how much you care by making her feel special in every little situation.

All these are small romantic things you could easily do for your wife and will show with actions how much you care.

And finally, this is the most significant thing you could easily do for your wife.

The most romantic gesture you could easily have with your wife is loving her every day, express it, show it with a hug, a goodnight kiss, a “how was your day?” every night. Make her feel like the most significant person in your life, and never take her for granted.

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