Angry Partner: 10 Strategies for Dealing with Them

10 Rules for Dealing With Angry People Who Is Mad at You

It is often seen that people don’t know how to effectively deal with anger and with those who are angry at them. With rational discussions, we can help our loved ones resolve their frustration. Moreover, we can also help them find a solution to their problem. So, we have collected ten strategies for dealing with an angry partner.

If your partner is angry with you, then use these ten strategies to deal with them and bring back peace in your relationship. So, here are the strategies for dealing with an angry partner:

10 Rules for Dealing With Angry People Who Is Mad at You

1. Control your anger

If your boyfriend or girlfriend has anger issues then do not display emotions of anger during an argument. It will only add fuel to the already heated situation and make your relationships fail.

Try to speak as calmly as possible and try to get the other person to cool down as well. This way, you can ensure that there is no physical and emotional damage during the argument.

It is important to remember that anger ruins everything, no matter how strong is your relationship. Even if something positive is expected to happen, anger will not let it stay positive.

2. State your defense after calming the situation

Anger always affects relationships so when your partner is angry with you, whatever you say will not make sense to them unless they calm down. Before giving reasons in your defense, try to tranquilize the situation.

Ensure that your partner is not angry anymore so that he/she can actually understand you. The key is to give it some time so the whole situation can calm down. However, if your partner is always angry and moody with you then you should be extra careful as it is a sign of a toxic relationship.

3. Aim to find a solution

When your partner is angry, it means that there exists a problem pertaining to you and your partner. When dealing with an angry partner, your main aim should be to solve the problem. Identify the cause of the issue and work towards finding a solution.

Ask them what had angered them and about their expectations. Ensure that you reach a solution that favors both of your relationships. The catch here is that both parties should be genuinely interested in finding a solution. In the absence of this thought reaching a midpoint is not possible.

4. Be ready to apologize

While dealing with an angry partner in the relationship, be prepared to apologize to the partner at the end of the conversation. Even if you feel you are correct.

During your discussion with the partner, you might realize that you had been at fault. Do not hesitate in admitting your mistake and ending the conflict. There may be times when you will have to say sorry despite being correct.

You might do this just to calm the angry person. This action might even hurt your pride but go ahead if you really care for that person. Also, this might force the other person to realize that you let go of your ego instead of clinging to it.

5. Do not appear detached

Anger in love relationships is pretty normal so when your partner is angry with you do not appear detached. It is one thing to keep your emotions under control, and it’s a completely different thing to appear detached.

Display empathy and understand what problems the other person is facing. Try to remain calm throughout the conversation. If you appear insensitive to the situation, it might further enrage the angry partner.

That will make more hard to dealing with angry people. Display empathy in a way that makes the other person feel better no matter how bad the situation is.

6. Do not pretend to be the superior one

This is a very effective technique for dealing with an angry person. Never try to make the other person feel inferior, as it may further infuriate them. Do not make it evident that he is angry while you are not.

Remember, anger does not define the character. Infuriation could also be a signal that the person is not feeling emotionally stable. Help them calm down and provide emotional support.

7. Identify the right time to have a discussion

Before dealing with the angry partner, be sure that you and the person who is mad at you, both are mentally ready to have a conversation. If you feel that the other person is enraged and needs to cool down, give them the time and space to do so.

Whereas, at times when you are at fault, you might feel you’re not ready to admit your mistake just yet. Do not get into a discussion with the other person at this stage as this might only aggravate the situation.

Sit down and calmly reflect on the matter. Realize the fact that the mistake was yours and you will have to apologize. And when you are ready to do so, only then approach the companion.

8. Ask what you can do to help

Always be accommodating and ask what you can do for the other person. In this way, you will be able to understand the problem at hand more quickly and effectively.

It will also show that you have a sincere intention to solve the matter. The other person will not only calm down but will even start to trust you more.

9. Be the rational one

It is very important in the relationship that you stay calm and rational when dealing with an angry partner. Many times, an angry person cannot pinpoint the cause of his or her frustration.

As a result, they may tend to say unnecessary things and keep repeating themselves. They may also say one thing and then completely change their point of view.

This is not because they are hypocritical, but rather because anger is causing them to feel confused and lost. This is when you have to step in and rationally dissect their argument.

Ask them specific questions so that you might identify what’s bothering them. Also, an angry partner can say unpleasant things at the heat of the moment so take it with a pinch of salt and give that person some time to realize it.

10. Be compassionate to the angry partner

Express your desire to help the person who is angry by your actions. Do not explicitly say that you want to help that person as this might make you seem arrogant.

Be compassionate and put your efforts into understanding the problem at hand. Genuinely try to make the person feel better which ultimately will solve the conflict in the relationship.

Hopefully, after reading these ten effective ways to deal with an angry partner in a relationship, you will be in a better position to deal with an angry partner. Remember not to vent out your own anger and support your loved ones as much as you can.

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