10 Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship is a nightmare many people experience, and never want to go through again. They can range from outright abuse to controlling behaviors that leave you desperate for freedom again.

If you are concerned about your relationship and doubting that you might have a toxic or abusing relationship then keep reading. We have gathered the ten warning signs of a toxic relationship that often appear at any abusing relationship.

Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship:

1. Self-absorbed partner

Your partner always takes from you but never gives back. When it comes down to footing the restaurant bill, you’re always the one reaching for your wallet. When rent time comes around, they ask you for money, but if you’re ever short even $5, they won’t cover you.

It could be they really can’t afford these things, but if it also extends to emotional needs—cuddles and compliments on their terms, but never reciprocated—run away. They aren’t in the relationship to form a bond, but to get as much as they can out of you. So, ending this toxic relationship might be the best for your life.

2. They let you know upfront they are demanding

This is another common sign of a toxic relationship. Sometimes in a toxic relationship, those who are toxic to their partners are aware of the flaw. If they mention to you being high maintenance or demanding in a relationship, it may be their way of trying to tell you the relationship won’t be good for you.

Take heed of anything they say you along these lines, because you may regret continuing the relationship later down the road.

3. Partner wants to own you

You miss out on time with your friends and family because your partner doesn’t like it. They might not outright say you can no longer hang out with your friends or visit your family, but the whining starts as soon as you dare to step out with your friends.

You get a million texts asking if you’re done yet, how much they miss you, and how lonely they are. Be careful as this is a sign of a toxic relationship as well as the sign of manipulation in the relationship.

If your partner can’t stand the fact that other people want to spend time with you, it can quickly end up with you feeling isolated and alone. Avoid this at all costs and ending this toxic relationship will be the best for you.

4. You give up on your hobbies

If your partner disagrees with how much time you spend on your passions, imagine how they will be later in the relationship. Are you ready to do it rest of your life?  This is a warning sign of a toxic relationship that you should take seriously.

No matter how fun or charming your partner may be, it isn’t worth giving up everything you love to be with them, and anyone who expects that of you is definitely not worth it.

5. Dangerous habits

Everyone has their flaws. You may not love the fact that your new partner smokes or refuses to go to the gym, but those are often reasonably small complaints.

When they seem to think the night is not complete without a family-sized bottle of wine, or perhaps even a few drugs, it’s definitely time to take it as a warning sign of a toxic relationship.

Not only will these problems most likely not get better, but they may also well use you to enable them to drink or do drugs even more. These situations aren’t safe for either party. So, ending this kind of toxic relationship only solution to save your self from the problem and dangers.

6. Being dependant on partner opinion

In abusing relationship, you find yourself taking your partner’s advice almost exclusively. A toxic partner can be very persuasive, even when your relationship is brand new.

If you find yourself agreeing with your date on topics, you would never usually agree on, and chances are it’s more than you being open-minded. It could be you getting manipulated into a forced change of view. Sometimes, this is a good thing, but most of the time it’s not.

Pay close attention to yourself and your values, and if your date is constantly nudging you to do something you’d generally think of as unethical, it’s time to find someone new.

7. Invade your privacy and expect you to be okay

You are in a toxic relationship if your partner continuously invades your privacy and expect you to be okay with it. Your cell phone?

They can demand to inspect it at any time, for any reason. Your e-mail? They know your password and read your emails before you can. Your search history? Yes, they’ll be asking about it.

While it is normal during the longer relationship to let the privacy, lines bleed a little bit, it is always with permission, and you should never feel uncomfortable about it. If they refuse to give you any privacy at all, you need to find someone who will respect you and make you feel comfortable in the partnership as well.

8. Excessively clingy

Sometimes, even the most social person needs a little space. If you can’t even go a single day without them blowing up your phone, demanding where you are, what you are doing, and why you’re not at their beck and call?

Then this is a warning sign of a toxic relationship and you need to end this for finding a new partner. Clinginess is manipulative in its own way, and not something that should make up a big part of your long-term relationship.

9. They treat staff poorly

In an abusing relationship, you will notice that your partner treats staff poorly. Even if you’re relatively new to a relationship, you can still get a good clear view of how they may treat you or future children later in life by looking at how they treat staff.

If your partner is constantly mean or belittling to the staff, it’s very likely once they get comfortable in the relationship they’ll be treating you the same way.

10. They don’t take “no” for an answer

“No” doesn’t mean “maybe,” and if they try to force you onto a roller coaster or to make you eat raw fish, even though you definitely don’t want to try these things, imagine what will happen when things get intimate.

While it is fine to encourage you to try new things, you should never be pushed into it. If they constantly need to have their way, more than they need to consider your feelings, it is definitely warning signs of a toxic relationship and time to move on to a new partner.

A toxic relationship can poison not only how we feel, but the future relationship as well. It can be hard to build a quality relationship after you’ve dealt with someone who is manipulative.

You may mistake honest and respectful requests for manipulation or end up repeating the same mistakes. If you’re worried about ending up in a toxic relationship, pay attention to these signs, and you’ll be one step closer to avoiding them.


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