12 True Love Signs That Your Partner Is Madly in Love With You

12 Ways to tell if your partner loves you

What are the true love signs – how do you know that your partner really loves you? Well, reading relationship signals can be tough. Not only do you have to worry about your own emotions clouding your brain, but sometimes it can be really hard to tell whether someone is standoffish or just shy

If you’re not sure whether your partner is crazy about you, or just plain crazy, here are twelve classic true love signs that your partner is madly in love with you.

1. Personalized affection12 true love signs that your partner is madly in love with you

When you don’t know a person well, but want you to know that you like them, you give them flowers. When you know your partner well, you do things like mine thousands of cobblestone in Minecraft because she’s crazy about the game and plans to build the Cathedral of Notre Dame in survival mode. That’s love. Any time your partner knows a detail about the things you love and strives to help you enjoy them without reserve, it is a true sign they are absolutely crazy about you.

2. They are there for you when it countsTrue love signs that your partner is madly in love with you

You lock yourself out of the car on girl’s night out; she leaves her friends to come bail you out. She’s late getting home from work and won’t have time to get a baby shower gift for her best friend and make it to the party on time; he goes shopping for the gift. If your partner is truly crazy about you, they won’t think twice about helping you out when you are in a tight spot.

3. They listen to youLove signs that your partner is madly in love with you

Communication is critical to every relationship. Not only does that mean talking with your partner, but it also means the ability to listen. If your partner shows signs he’s actually listened to what you had to say; it’s a great sign that they deeply care. The next time you hear your girlfriend talk about your favorite football team like a pro, or the next time he remembers the name of your favorite actor—take that as true love signs that they are deeply in love with you.

4. They always think you look goodLove signs that your partner is in love with you

We all pretty ourselves up for dates, but when it’s your day off, and you just want to hang around the house in sweatpants, a partner that genuinely loves you will think you look great anyway. If your partner still thinks you look amazing even when you aren’t dressed up to the nines, it is a great sign they’re in love with you.

5. They at least try to connect with your friends and familySigns your partner loves you more than you think

While no one expects your significant other to get along with everyone in your family, someone who truly loves you will at least try when it comes down to your friends and family. If your partner remembers a present for your mom’s birthday or asks after your friends when you’ve had a night out, consider it as true love signs that they love you.

6. They miss you when you are goneSigns your partner loves you

Sometimes, time apart is unavoidable. You might have to go on a business trip, visit far away from family, or simply have vacation plans. When you are gone, they miss you. Look forward to regular check-ins from a partner who is crazy about you, whether that be phone calls, texting, or even skype.

7. They forgive your mistakesTrue love signs your partner loves you

Now and then even the best person can make a mistake their partner doesn’t really like. Maybe your anniversary came and went, and your significant other didn’t notice, or maybe you accidentally made an inappropriate joke to your partner’s mom. Mistakes happen all the time, and depending on the severity of the mistake they can sometimes really hurt.

A great partner will forgive you for those mistakes—even when they are big ones, and if they’re truly crazy about you, they’ll forgive you.

8. They want to include you in their interestsTrue love signs

Next true love signs are that your partner wants to include you in their interests. That invitation to the football game, ballet, or other events your partner is wild about isn’t just another chance for a date to them. When your partner is crazy about you, they want to share their passions with you and make you part of their activities. While you don’t have to dress in war paint and cheer with a giant cheese on your head, participating in those events is a great way to show you are crazy about them right back.

9. They’ve introduced you to their friends and familyDefinite love signs that your partner is in love with you

Your partner is seriously in love with you if he or she wants you to meet mom. Being introduced to friends and family is a key indicator they are serious about you, and that they see you as a permanent part of their lives. If you’ve had the chance to meet mom and dad, your partner is definitely crazy about you.

10. They turn on the charm when meeting your friends and family12 ways to tell if your lover loves you

If you’ve chosen to introduce your partner to your best friend or parents, you can be sure if he’s wild about you he is going to try his best to make a good impression with them. This might mean talking them up, bringing them appropriate gifts, or just trying not to trip over his own two feet. Regardless of what he tries, if he’s truly doing his best to make a good impression you know,—take that as true love signs that they are madly in love with you.

11. They are on time for date nightWays to tell if your lover loves you

If your partner is ever late, it is with an apology and an explanation as to why. When someone is crazy about you, they respect your time and know that being late is forcing you to put your life on hold just for them. Being on time shows they are serious about you and value the fact you choose to spend your time with them.

12. There is space made for you at their house12 Ways to tell if your partner loves you

If your partner has made room in the closet for you to put some clothes in or rearranged the bathroom, so you have a place to keep your toothbrush or other overnight essentials, they are definitely crazy about you. Giving space in a personal area shows a great deal of love for someone, and it is considered as classic true love signs that they care.

If you see any of these true love signs in your significant other, be it a girlfriend or boyfriend, congratulations they love you with all their hearts! Even if those words seldom find their way out of their mouths, it’s easy to

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