How Breakup Helps to Build Self Development

How to build self esteem after break up

It might be sound strange to a broken heart person that how a breakup can help with self-development? When you say goodbye to a lover, it can have a dramatic effect on your life. The pain of losing someone close to you is brutal on your body as well as your heart. In fact, neuroimaging studies have shown that the mental anguish of a breakup can light up the same areas in the brain as physical pain itself. We all know that breakups are hard, but sometimes they are for the best as it helps us to build better self development.

So, we will share how seven ways a breakup can help us to do self development. So, gathered all your strength to read it and discover a new you. Read on:

1. You knew nothing about yourselfHow Breakup Helps to Build Self Development

When you have been in a relationship for a long time, you tend to prioritize the relationship over your own wants and needs. Maybe you have dreamed of having a dog all your life but put that dream on hold even in your adult life because your significant other had an allergy. Perhaps you’ve wanted to improve your health, but just eating whatever your spouse likes are more comfortable than trying to coax them into trying arugula or kale.

When your relationship comes to an end, you are finally able to explore these parts of yourself. You may find your puppy dreams lead to a fun new hobby competing in dog sports like agility, or feel the renewed energy from finally being able to cook a mushroom burger without appalled looks and nasty comments from your significant other. Getting to know yourself has never been so good.

2. You never knew how much you needed to unplughow to rebuild your self esteem after a breakup

Until you are no longer with your partner, you may not have noticed just how much they pop up on social media. Seeing his happy laughing face on a beach with a new girl, or her dressed to the nines and partying with her friends, can hurt the heart as badly as the breakup itself. Tuning out of social media and saying no to the internet for a while is one of the best ways to help heal.

When you do return to the internet and social media, you’ll want to do so with a game plan in mind to handling your social platforms.

3. You’re actually better off singleHow to build self esteem after break up

Often by the time a break up actually happens, tensions have been running high for weeks or months. You may feel terrible about your actions, about leaving the person you have been with for so long, but you may also be feeling good too. The release of tension can sometimes be a good thing, and discovering that you are enjoying your single life more than you thought is a beautiful silver lining to a bad breakup.

4. Opportunity to find the right person How to build self esteem after breakup

In order to find the right person for you, you have to be available. A great partner isn’t going to ask you out if they know you’re currently in a relationship, and you probably wouldn’t want to date someone open to cheating anyway. When you finally find that special person, know that it would never have happened if you hadn’t let Mr. Wrong go.

5. Rediscover your friendshipHangout with friends

In the dark days after you’ve said goodbye to a person you have loved, depression can be a dominant force taking over your life. While you might not be capable of doing anything besides sitting in your sweatpants and devouring entire tubs of ice cream, leaning on your friends can be the difference between a quick recovery and a terrible nightmare.

Your friends know you better than anyone else, and they are there for you through thick and thin. Whether their way of love is to show up on your doorstep with a pizza to go with the ice cream or to smack your fingers when you reach for the freezer and take you on the run instead, they can help you overcome your breakup and make you feel better about yourself.

6. You start loving your selfThings People Find Out Only After Breakup

If it was your partner break up with you, then the feelings of rejection can run deep. Taking care of yourself, and dealing with these emotions head-on, is critical to recovering. Even if you don’t feel like ever leaving your home again, taking care of yourself, and learning to love yourself for who you are, is an important part of the healing process.

When you take the time to get to know yourself and to start pursuing the parts of life you are actually passionate about, love will find you on its own. You’ll be much happier with a new love who enjoys the same type of lifestyle that makes you happy, instead of trying to hide who you are for the sake of a date.

7. You’re worth a second chanceeveryday is a second chance

It’s all too easy to fall into depression after a breakup. While some of us bounce back from ditching a toxic relationship, many more of us find it hard to move on. Breakup with a long-term partner is one of the top three most psychologically traumatic things that can happen to a person and can leave you feeling worthless and alone.

If the person who broke up with you is someone you looked at as a soul mate, you may not feel like there will ever be another person you’ll love again. Rest assured, that perfect someone is still out there waiting for you, and you deserve the chance to be happy. So, use this breakup process for your own self-development.

A breakup can be hard, but it can help you with your self development. Getting through them can be rough, but when you reach the other side, you often come out stronger and healthier than ever before. If you are currently going through a breakup, make it your chance to heal and start over again. Take the time you need to explore yourself as a person, and to figure out who you are in your heart. You’ll never find a better time to put yourself first than when you are alone, and you may find your true love in the process of finding yourself.

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