18 Cute Furry Animals With Glorious Hairstyles

Top 10 softest animals

Most animals are perfect examples of nature’s refinement. Sleek fur, smooth scales, and even slicked down spines are the typical adornments of nature, but now and then there are some pretty crazy looks as well. Here are eighteen cute furry animals with glorious hairstyles which rocked their hairstyle by nature.

We need to mention that, just some of the cute animals on this list are naturally furry, but many have been bred originally for this reason. Read on:

1. Frizzles chickenCute Furry Animals With Glorious Hairstyles

Most chickens have a smooth coat of feathers to protect their skin from the elements. Frizzles decided to go and do their own thing. With a genetic mutation that makes them wildly curly, these chickens have impressively crazy hair-dos.

They don’t seem to mind though and carry right on doing their chicken thing despite the crazy curls. Frizzle’s really rocked their glorious hairstyles naturally.

2. Angora rabbitCute Furry Animals

If you see a giant cotton ball making its way toward you, don’t be afraid. That incredible ball of fluffiness is probably friendly and just looking for a carrot. This cute furry animal know as Angora. This rabbits are known for their incredibly soft coats and love the attention that comes with it. This Angora rabbit might be the softest animals in the world.

3. Puli dogCute Furry Puli Dog

Most dogs have short coats or long straight ones that need regular attention. The puli, however, has a different hairstyle. It’s common for puli owners to dread the hair, forming long knots that can go all their way to the ground.

Pulis are herding dogs and enjoy working hard and looking a lot rather like the sheep they are guarding. Puli dog is really a cute furry animal gifted by nature.

4. Rockhopper penguinRockhopper penguin with glorious hairstyles gifted by nature

All penguins have a unique coat, with their beautiful black and white markings. The Rockhopper just added a crazy hair-do on top. With bright yellow streamers sprouting on either side of the head, and dramatic colors decorating their face, rockhoppers have one of the craziest looks of all birds, let alone penguins.

5. Highland cattleHighland cattle with glorious hairstyles gifted by nature

This small breed of cow comes with luscious, long locks designed to make women everywhere jealous. Their cute furry coats are often blow dried and scissored to fluffy perfection for shows but are just as cute a little scraggly in the pasture. Highland cattle is another animal which rocked their glorious hairstyles gifted by nature.

6. Long haired Guinea PigCute Furry Animals List

Guinea pigs are familiar pets, but the ones we get at the pet store typically have fairly short normal coats. A variety of guinea pig is available that grows exceptionally long coats, however.

They drape across the floor to such an extent, it sort of looks like a toupee is making its way toward you. This cute furry animal rocks its style with flair and hopes he looks cute enough to earn broccoli from you.

7. Afghan houndFluffy wild animals

If you want to see the supermodel of all hair care commercials, look no farther than the Afghan. A large sight hound known for its long and beautiful hair, these regal dogs know they are just that beautiful. Despite their exceptionally long hair and natural style, Afghan hounds aren’t afraid to work. Originally used for hunting, they still retain those instincts to this day.

8. Hairy Milkweed CaterpillarBeautiful fluffy animals

There are a number of small fuzzy caterpillars wandering around the world. One of the most wildly hairy of all is the Milkweed Tiger. It has extensively long hairs bristling out on all sides, and lives peacefully on milkweed plants, without ever once needing a haircut.

9. Silkie chickenTop 10 softest animals

If there is a competition for cute furry animals, then silkie chicken will be one of the strongest contestant.  If you love how baby chickens look and wish they never grew up, say hello to the Silkie. This variety of chicken stays soft and fluffy forever, with downy feathering and a puffball head that often just leaves a beak sticking out.

These friendly chickens often enjoy being handled by their owners and love nothing more than toddling after you and begging for a snack.

10. Mangalica pig

When we think of pigs, we tend to think of the smooth pink kind that has hardly any hair. Mangalika however, is the poodles of the pig world. They have curly hair that covers them snout to tail, defying the hairless look nearly all other pig species seem to like. Mangalika look so strange, many people think photos of them are photoshopped, but that hair is the real deal.

11. Valais sheepValais sheep with glorious hairstyles gifted by nature

All sheep are fluffy, so seeing these won’t be much different right? The Valais is woolly all right, but they take that fluffiness to a whole new level. These black faced sheep have extensive, long wool everywhere from their fluffy black faces to their exceptionally long white backs. Even if you don’t generally care for sheep, you’ll be tempted to bring one of these cute little animals home with you for a long cuddle.

12. Selkirk Rex catFluffy animals for pets

This cat probably started out looking like a Persian, until it got into a fight with a hair curler. With wildly curling hair that sticks up in every direction, you won’t know whether to laugh, cry, or get out a brush. The Selkirk doesn’t seem to mind its own hair, however, and acts just like a normal cat, despite all the fantastic curls. Selkirk Rex cat probably the best furry animal for petting.

13. Gypsy Vanner horseTop 10 softest animals in the world

With mane and tail that often go past the floor, Gypsy Vanners make other horses look plain with their Rapunzel style locks. Gypsy Vanners seem to enjoy their looks, and show off their manes and tails with a flashu trot and a toss of that fantastic hair.

14. Frillback PigeonFrillback Pigeon with glorious hairstyles gifted by nature

Most pigeons just look like—well—pigeons. One variety, however, decided to go off in its own direction. With curly feathers sprouting all up and down its back, this pigeon looks like it bucked the trends and went out to get a mohawk.

15. Crowned Pigeon GouraCrowned Pigeon Goura

The Gorua, or crowned pigeon, is the world’s largest species of pigeon. It’s not just known for being big; however, its also known for the wild crest sprouting out the top of its head. With bright blue coloring adding some pop to that coat, they are certainly one of nature’s most beautiful animals.

16. Cotton Top Tamarin Cotton Top Tamarin animals with glorious hairstyles gifted by nature

Cotton Top Tamarin is one of the most beautiful animal with cute furry hairstyle. This species probably got its name for the impressive white fluff coming from its head.

The wild mane on top of its tiny head makes it an iconic monkey and may help save its life. This tamarin is extremely endangered, but thanks to its iconic hair, people notice it enough to try and help in preservation.

17. Scale crested Pygmy Tyrant birdTop 10 Furry animals in the world

While most pygmy tyrants are fairly plain green birds, the scale-crested pygmy has a crest that is pretty dramatic for such a small bird. A tropical rainforest bird, feel lucky if you ever get to see it.

18. Norwegian forest catNorwegian forest cat

There are long-haired cats, and then there are cats who make long hair their lifestyle. The Norwegian forest cat is one of those cats. Not only do they have a long guard coat, but their exceptionally thick undercoat makes them extra poofy.

These animals with glorious hairstyles are all vastly different, but they have one thing in common—all are super furry animals. Nature can truly make some amazing animals.

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